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Office cleaning

As we enter 2023, it dawns on us how much Covid-19 has changed things. The way we work, interact, and maintain cleanliness has altered, this is especially true in office environments. Office cleaning has become more important than ever, as employers and employees work together to maintain a health and healthy workplace.

In the past office cleaning was often viewed as a routine task that was done to maintain appearances. However, in 2023, office cleaning is a critical part of workplace safety. With the pandemic still a concern, businesses must take every measure possible to ensure that employees are safe and healthy. This includes regular and thorough cleaning of all surfaces, shared spaces and high touch areas.

There are several new cleaning practices that Elite FM have implemented throughout the pandemic and beyond. For example, we have been and still are using electrostatic sprayers to apply disinfectant to surfaces. This technology allows the disinfectant to cover surfaces evenly, providing better coverage than traditional cleaning methods allowing for peace of mind.

Another focus for us at Elite FM is the use of sustainable and eco-friendly products in the past many cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that could be harmful to people and the environment. However, in 2023, Elite FM are using natural and sustainable cleaning products that are safer for both people and the planet. This includes everything from all natural disinfectants to biodegradable cleaning wipes.

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses in the UK is finding a cleaning company that can meet their needs.  With so many different cleaning products and technology available, it can be difficult to know what is your best bet for your specific office. This is where working with a professional cleaning company like Elite FM can be extremely beneficial. As a reputable facilities management provider, we can assess your needs, recommend the best products and technologies, and provide ongoing cleaning services to ensure your office is always clean and safe. 

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