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Facilities Management

The facilities management landscape is evolving to become more sustainable. This guide outlines key strategies shaping the future of facilities management.

Energy Efficiency

The focal point for sustainability lies in companies reducing their energy consumption. Businesses should invest in smart building systems, LED lighting, and renewable energy sources to reduce their carbon footprint and comply with environmental regulations.

Circular Economy

Businesses should be adopting recycling programs, looking at responsible waste disposal, and sourcing eco-friendly materials align with their commitment to environmental responsibility, simultaneously driving cost savings. Elite FM are able to offer are a full chemical free cleaning solution subject to company approval/site surveys.

Sustainable Procurement

Green facilities management extends to sourcing practices. Elite FM have incorporated sustainability criteria into our procurement processes, seeking suppliers aligned with our commitment to sustainability.

Green Spaces

We are finding more and more companies integrating green spaces within and around their premises. Innovations such as green roofs, walls and indoor plants promote biodiversity, improve air quality, and enhance employee wellbeing.

Technology Integration

Technology is a pivotal enabler of sustainability. Building management systems, and AI-driven analytics empower real time monitoring and optimisation of energy usage, predictive maintenance and data driven decision making.


Elite FM has received ISO 14001 certification. This demonstrates Elite FM’s commitment to pollution prevention, environmental compliance, and continuous improvement. Sustainability in facilities management shouldn’t be about achieving the minimum though. Elite FM have found that beyond contributing to sustainability efforts, businesses that embrace green practices can benefit from reduced spending, improved brand, and increased employee satisfaction.

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